School Leadership Quotes of Inspiration For Teachers, Students, and Parents

Inspirational School Leadership Quotes

The power of an inspirational thought or mantra to motivate and empower the mind and body is almost magical. A small dose of healthy and inspiring perspective can empower great feats of productivity and progress. So, what school leadership quotes can you use to create a creative buzz in your school environment?

The very best school leadership quotes contain ideals, precepts and vision that works as a fuel for the mind that allows it to press on despite overwhelming complexities of academic pursuits. Motivation that is born within is the most valuable type of inspiration and allows the mind to create fresh new associations and reflections that change the world.

Look to your heroes, world changers, rebels and statesmen who applied their skills and ingenuity to creating a better world today. Have you found strength in the words of a statesman, orator or politician who made a formidable stance against oppression or archaic reasoning? These words still pack a punch and send the doldrums and dismal feelings of discouragement packing, clear the skies and allow your strength and inspiration to soar.

While you can find splendid examples of school leadership quotes from a wide variety of situations, this following article will include some time-tested thoughts and motivational mantras that can be applied to the fatigued mind and woebegone spirit.


Are you a teacher, principal or faculty member entrusted with the care and education of tomorrow’s world leaders? If so choose the ideas and words you use to convey them very carefully. Following are some of the most effective thoughts, maxims and mantras that can boost creativity and productivity in a young mind.

-Don’t quit before the bell rings. While the toil may be grueling and the hours long, the rewards are great and will pay off in ways that you can’t even imagine. You will be glad you persevered then.

-Is your will fading and your inspiration for monotony nearing the last vestige? This is your chance to build a Herculean mental tenacity and character. This is what will hold you through the lessons ahead which will be bigger and tougher for sure. Just stick to your guns a little longer.

-Are you looking for encouragement and acceptance? Find it in those who like the real you — not the smiling you, or the clever you or the you have to be when others are around but the real you.

-Are you trying your best to fit in with the crowd but feel constantly sidelined — turn the trend around and be the sideliner. The best results begin when you know and believe in yourself. This will allow you to sideline those who are not in your life to build your character. Don’t demean yourself socially by trying hard in the wrong circles. Believe you are the strong and motivated person you are looking to be.

Take a moment or two before you enter your school to review these quotes with yourself. You won’t really be able to pass on the fire if you aren’t burning a little yourself, so GET EXCITED! Remember that the fire will always begin to burn low, be prepared to stoke the coals and build some steam again later in the day.