Humorous Inspirational Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

Whether you have a specific goal in mind such as losing weight, saving money or quitting smoking, you need all the inspiration you can get to stick with that goal. Inspiration can come in a variety of forms.

You might have a friend or family member to act as your support system. You can talk to them whenever you feel weak or whenever you need the courage to move forward.

For some people, it is even better to find support through the help of a therapist or life coach. There is no shame in seeking extra help. Goals, like losing weight or quitting smoking, are literally ones that, when accomplished, can save your life. Getting all the help you need to succeed is important.

Besides finding additional support outside of yourself, you can also do things to keep your inspiration going by doing things like journaling. Write down your thoughts and feelings each day. Work through any challenges that arise.

One way to keep moving through challenges, which are a part of every goal for every person, is to motivate yourself using affirmations or inspiring quotes. Affirmations are short statements that put a positive spin on things. They affirm, in the present tense, the accomplishments that you have made.

Affirmations are statements that you repeat over to yourself to help instill a positive confidence that will propel you towards your goal. Along with journaling and affirmations, you can also make use of inspirational quotes.

There are plenty of books that contain quotes that you can refer to as you need to each day. These quotes will often give you a new perspective on things or an inspiration to keep moving.

Inspirational quotes can even be humorous. You might find several quotes that appeal to you that you want to keep in mind as you continue on your goals. Search online for quotes, and look for those that are humorous in particular. Humor can go a long way to improve your mood and your feelings of inspiration.

You can collect your favorite humorous quotes and post them on sites like Pinterest. Throughout the day you can refer to them to give yourself a fresh dose of inspiration.
Another way to make use of humorous quotes is to type them out in colorful fonts and print them out. Post them in places around your house and office where you will see them several times throughout the day.

There is one quote by George Carlin that may be particularly helpful to you no matter what goal you are trying to reach or what obstacle in life you are trying to overcome. He asked if you try to fail but succeed- which have you done?

If you want to do both, and in every pursuit there is occasionally a sense of failure, you can use quotes to carry on. It is normal to fail at a small step towards your goal. Just remember to learn from it and keep going so that you can succeed.