Fitness Quotes and Healthy Living Quotes

Getting fit can mean many things to different people. For most people, getting fit means losing a certain amount of weight. For others, it can mean building up to lifting a certain amount of weight. Still others just want to develop healthy exercise and eating habits one at a time until they have made a total lifestyle transformation.

No matter what your goals are or, if you are a gym or fitness instructor your clients’ goals are, motivation is something that helps propel those goals. You or your clients can do a lot by sticking to certain workout regimes and meal plans, but if you do not do the work, no results can come about.

Motivation is one of the biggest things to keep going when approaching a fitness goal of any kind. The most common block is getting up in the morning and working out. Or, if you like working out after work at the end of the day, it could be that you feel like going home and crashing on the couch instead of doing your daily workout.

One way to keep motivated is by having a workout buddy or by having a support system of some kind. That, too, can only go so far. There are going to be days where you do not see the scale budge in the direction you want it to. Hitting a plateau happens for everyone. Getting past those plateaus can be a challenge and it can be one that no external coach can push you to get past.

Sometimes, you only have yourself to motivate you. If you already know why you want to lose those pounds or get into shape, you have the motivation needed to reach those goals. If you are unsatisfied with your body image and want to change it, but do not have a specific reason such as getting into a bikini for summer or a wedding dress for a new life, you should decide what it motivating you to embark on your fitness goal.

Once you have the goal and reason why in sight, you will need to work on staying motivated from time to time. One easy way to stay motivated is by referring to fitness quotes. These are short sayings that can give you inspiration when you feel like staying in bed or when you feel like crashing on your couch instead of crunching those abs.

Use quotes that you find in magazines, at the gym, or online. Fitness quotes are everywhere. Print them or write them out and post them on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Place them where you can see them a few times every day. They can do wonders for keeping you motivated even on days when you feel stuck.

Popular quotes include “making excuses burns zero calories per hour” and “fitness goals are a journey – not a sprint to get into shape.” Remember, the hardest lift is lifting your butt off the couch! Go find quotes that resonate with you and reach your fitness goals.